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The Price is Right Drinking Game

Here are the basic rules for the price is right drinking game. If you're playing with shots this game probably won't last too long because everyone will be incredibly drunk before the first commercial break. If you do want to play with shots though, just do the number listed after the rule. This game is really better if you use beer, just take big sips everytime you're supposed to drink.


1. drink everytime someone is wearing a custom price is right shirt (1/2 shot)

2. drink everytime someone hugs/kisses bob barker (1/2 for a hug, 1 for a kiss)

3. drink everytime everyone overbids (1/2 shot)

4. drink everytime someone bids a dollar (1/2 shot)

5. drink the whole time someone is coming down the aisle to the contestants row (doesnt really work with shots, although you are welcome to try. The best way to do this is to take a full shot when the person has a hard time getting to the aisle)

6. drink everytime someone bids one dollar over the person behind them (1/2 shot)

7. drink everytime the showcase is a dining room set or other crappy prize (1/2 shot)

8. drink everytime the person is visibly dissappointed with their crappy showcase (1 shots)

9. drink everytime someone doesn't spin the big wheel all the way around (1/2 shot)

10. If plinko is one of the games, finish the beer you have (1 shot)

11. drink the whole time a plinko chip is in play (again, doesn't really work with shots, but you can try)

12. drink everytime a contestant is from a college (1/2 shot)

13. When contestants are spinning the wheel, pick one and drink the whole time they're spin is going. (1/2 shot if the person person goes over 1 dollar, 1 shot if they get 1 dollar)

14. drink everytime a car is the prize. (1/2 shot)

15. everytime someone wins a car, finish your beer. (1/2 shot)

16. If you make it to the end of the show and Bob tells you to spay or neuter your pets, drink a beer. (1/2 shot)